Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Are you considering laser hair treatment to remove unwanted hair? Before going for this treatment, you should consider the risks and side effects of laser hair removal.  

The treatment is not painless. There are some temporary side effects of laser hair removal and there may be some permanent laser hair removal side effects also. Read how much does laser hair removal cost?

If the treatment is performed by a professional with an FDA approved laser, it is safe and has a less risk of permanent side effects. The states regulate the use of laser therapy, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approves laser for certain uses. You should ensure that your laser hair removal treatment provider has license and uses a laser device approved by the FDA.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

  • Pain: The pain involved in laser hair removal is not more than waxing. The sensation is similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin for a quick second with each pulse.
  • Swelling: There is a possibility of swelling after laser hair removal. Usually the treated area may swell for a few days. This side effect may be relieved with simple treatments as prescribed by your practitioner.
  • Redness: This is the least serious side effect and usually can be treated with simple topical treatment.

What to Do to Minimize the Side Effects?

There are few things that you can do treat and minimize the above side effects:

  1. If the skin in the treated area becomes red and swollen then you can apply cold compresses to the skin surface to heal it.
  2. You can also use a mild cleanser to cleanse the treated area, but avoid strong soaps.
  3. The use of sun screen is recommended on any treated areas exposed to sun. Sun exposure should be minimized before and after laser hair removal treatment.

Disease and Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be performed for most of the people but there are a few exceptions. The treatment is safe for everyone except patients who have herpes, sensitive skin, specific allergies and patients with a pacemaker. These patients should avoid laser hair treatment.

For most people, the treatment produces an irritation or a feeling of pain, like a series of pricks with a hot needle.  Treated area is likely to be slightly discolored or become red for one to three days. The treated area may swell for a few days.

If pain or fear is holding you back from having the smooth skin that you want then don’t worry and go for a laser hair removal. side effects of laser hair removal